One thing that is important to us here at Practice Makes Perfect is that music should be accessible to everyone! To that end, the owners of Practice Makes Perfect, Aaron and Sam, have started a foundation in honor of their grandmothers, The Late Frances Viola Gray, and Marian Thomas. Frances paid for all of Aaron’s lessons from the age of 7 all the way up to the time of her passing. Without that financial help, Aaron would not have been able to take lessons and he wants to make sure he can help someone else the way she helped him.

Marian helped Sam buy buying her violin and paying for her lessons which she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Thanks to generous donors we have been able to provide free lessons, instrument repairs, instrument purchase/rentals and online lesson equipment to multiple students already.

We’ve also expanded this fund to include five “scholarships” for lessons for life here at PMP music studio to any LGBTQIA+ or POC that would like to take lessons here. Spots are first come first serve and we currently have all 5 available.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance please email us at with “Frances Fund” in the subject line.

The Frances Fund supports families who have students that may want to take lessons but can’t afford the upfront cost of an instrument, or can’t afford the lesson cost or repair costs etc.

The best thing is that this isn’t exclusive to Practice Makes Perfect students, we’ll pay for students at other studios when there is need.

Now we have ways for you to help our students the same way Frances and Marian have.

If you’d like to contribute to the Frances & Marian Foundation you can buy some merchandise from us by visiting our Merch Store or by donating to our Venmo our PayPal or our Gofundme campaign.

Our newest way to donate is to sponsor a student monthly. You can choose between a $5 a $10 and a full $25 lesson payment to donate monthly to help a student take lessons! Click the link below to help our students!!

Gold is our $5 a month plan, Blue is $10 and Black is our $25 a month plan!

Gold Plan

Blue Plan

Black Plan